Thursday, 27 August 2009

Little Things

It's the small things that give you the warm fuzzy feelings, and make you think that maybe, just maybe, this might actually get some where.

We've just received a very short note from our prospective agent. She's just completed reading the full manuscript and said:
"I loved it."

(There were a few more words, but that's fundamentally it - and that is a direct quote.)

That guarantees nothing, of course, but it's good to think that if she enjoyed it, there's a fair chance that she'll know exactly which editors are likely to feel the same, which naturally increases the chances of getting it published.

Exciting times.


  1. Congratulations.

    Have you reached the often discussed point where you begin to accept that it might happen, and then worry that it's all some sort of weird fluke, and you'll never again be able to write like that?

    That poses a question:

    Money aside, would you prefer to have one book that is still in print in 20 years, or be on your twentieth book by then?

    Which reputation appeals most: J.D. Salinger, or J.K.Rowling?

  2. I guess the best answer to that is:
    42,000 words into the sequel, which is (apparently) better than the first.

  3. That's not little! That's huge! A great big congratulations!
    Well done! I'm clearly too excited...

  4. Thank you! We're trying very hard not to get *too* excited, but it's very difficult.


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