Sunday, 10 January 2010

On The Cusp

I didn't intend to blog about this yet, for fear that even mentioning it would be tantamount to placing a jinx upon the whole thing. Of course, because of that, I'm not going to given any details other than to ask a question I once asked before (albeit on my Facebook page):

Is this it?

At the time, a few people raised concerns. Was "it" a bad thing? Did "it" mean that I was disillusioned, unhappy, or - dare I say it - suicidal?
Of course, the answer to all the above was a resounding 'no' (and, in case you're wondering, still is).

But, the last time I asked, the answer turned out to be 'yes'.

There are some fingers being silently crossed for the same answer this time.


  1. Oooh, mysteriouser and mysteriouser! I do hope it is it, (I think - have I got that the right way round?). Anyway, popping over from my blog party, feeling rather exhausted, but very glad I did it. Quite a lot of clearing up to do now!

    GOOD LUCK with IT.

  2. I'm not sure what IT is, but Blessings be upon it and I hope that it is!

    Coming in from the blog party. I'm going to bookmark you. I was going to comment on the last blog and they didn't allow anyone without a google/blogger account. :growled: You allow me. You have my excess gratitude. :grins:

  3. My favorite writing blogs (besides Nicola's of course!) are the ones that post about the writing journey. (Kind of like mine, lol) Anyway, nice to meet you and I look forward to following your posts now.

  4. Chris @ Marshall Buckley10 January 2010 at 20:55

    The current 'it' is it, until you get bored of it and change 'it', just make sure you change it so 'it' is what you want 'it' to be. And again though if it's not, then change it again!

  5. I'm sure that it will be 'yes' again. I just have a feeling. I also have a secret which I had hoped to reveal a couple of weeks ago but slowly do the wheels turn. Hope we both get to make thrilling announcements soon!

  6. Well, that certainly sounds exciting!! I'll cross a few fingers for you ... well, except when I'm typing :)

  7. 'It' will only be it if you want it to be!


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