Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Preparing the book - part 3

So, you have your Kindle version and you have your paperback version.

Creating the other e-versions should be simple, right?

Yup, pretty much. Again, follow the guidelines that SmashWords give you. They don't ask for much - you have to get another ISBN (again, free from SmashWords) and the Copyright page has to state that it's the SmashWords edition.

I used my CreateSpace version, made the necessary changes to the Copyright page, and reset the margins back to "normal" and that was about it.

SmashWords likes the file to be in Word format (not PDF or HTML) and the cover to be a JPG file (not PDF like CreateSpace).

And that's it. You now have 3 versions ready to upload. You're good to go, right?

Not quite... details tomorrow...


  1. A question. If Smashwords gives out free ISBN number, this mean it belongs to Smashwords and not to you, right?

    Have read an article or two that advises one to buy own ISBN because writer is publisher of record, then. Not the publishing services company.

  2. Interesting point, Marisa. I'll look into that now.


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